Julius Maddox Lashes Out at Promoters for Low Pay: “They’re Prostituting Out Athletes”

Julius Maddox has had enough.

The champion powerlifter, who recently attempted to break the Raw bench press record, is fed up. In a sport where so many dedicate their lives and body in the pursuit of strength, Julius Maddox accuses promoters of issuing low payments.

Julius Maddox addressed his fellow athletes and fans in a recent Instagram post. In the video clip, Maddox touched on the issue of low pay and how athletes should handle the issue.

“Dear athletes, don’t keep letting these companies take advantage of you. Rock with somebody who is going to rock with you. If you got companies that are going to pay you to come and compete, and do these types of meets and things like that, make sure you get that check upfront, or you get something secured in your contract. A lot of these companies out here, they’re whoring out athletes. That’s a poor choice of words, but I’m just being honest. They’re prostituting out athletes. They get maximum from you, and want to give you something in return that isn’t matching what you’re worth. So know your worth, and especially if you are an elite athlete and people are paying you to come to meets, then make sure you get that bag up front, or get it in contract because, man these people are shiesty out here.”


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Know your worth! #nomissloads #forthepeople

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Julius Maddox appears to have had enough of the unfair treatment. The issue sound eerily familiar to the complaints raised by UFC fighters like Jon Jones. Promoters need to learn to treat athletes like assets rather than offering them peanuts.

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