Julius Maddox Misses 800 Pound Bench Press Record After Misload

Julius Maddox fails second attempt at 800 pound bench press record after misloading on his second attempt.

The World’s Ultimate Strongman Feats of Strength has been an ongoing series of late documenting some incredible Strongman lifts. Today, Julius Maddox attempted to beat his own world record bench press of 770 pounds. In a shocking announcement earlier in the month, Maddox attempted to bench press 800 pounds. Ultimately, his attempt failed.

The world record attempt was not only 30 pounds more than his current world record, but also 10 pounds more than his 790 lbs bench press that he attempted three weeks ago. That attempt he had also failed.

Things started off smoothly enough with an initial easy 722 pound lift. But things started to unravel after his first attempt at the 800 lbs was loaded unevenly with an extra 25kg on one side. This threw him off not only for the first attempt but perhaps for the entire world record attempt moving forward.

Upon his second attempt, Julius Maddox came close to completing the lift only to have his left arm lag behind. This lead to an assistance to re-rack the bar and Maddox was injured in the process. Due to this, he decided against making a third attempt.

Julius Maddox commented immediately afterwards during an interview:

I was very optimistic, I felt great leading up to this. A very positive mindset, you know, things like this happen

Julius Maddox’s previous World Record benchpress of 770 pounds was completed at the Arnold Sports Festival earlier this year. The record was set after a series of steady progression for Maddox, who had also broken the all-time raw record back in September 2019.

You can watch Julius Maddox’s attempt at the 800 pound bench press below:

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