Here’s How All Your Favorite Bodybuilders Celebrated Independence Day

Fourth of July this year might be one of the most tense and unusual on record.

Right now, America’s COVID-19 rates are soaring sky-high due to a lack of federal guidance around social distancing recommendations and the continued refusal of our government to provide economic aid to the millions of unemployed across this nation. The unprecedented wave of protests following the death of George Floyd just over a month ago have made Black Lives Matter the largest movement in US history.

What can be said of such a crucial moment in our nation’s history? Here’s how some members of the bodybuilding community have reflected on what this day means to them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Of course the Governator had to weigh in on such a momentous occasion!

“Happy birthday, America,” he captioned the post. “Thank you for letting me live the American Dream. We must fight every day to make that dream is as true for a Black child born in Minneapolis as it was for a white bodybuilder born in Austria.”

Watch the full video above for a wonderful and heartfelt 4th of July message from Arnold. It’s never wrong to honor your country and be proud of where you’re from, but truly honoring your country means holding it accountable for the mistakes it makes.

Chef Andre Rush

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How are you Celebrating this 4th? – I NEED a true Answer Please.. – Not about you, but your kids.. – This Country that I would give my life, he would as well – As a veteran we are guided to honor, respect, protect this FLAG behind us – And EACH person NO Matter their Race, Religion, Political Views – You know how many Assholes I saved, protected, defended? – Yes, because of My duty, NOT my emotions. – I will NEVER be disrespected…because “ do you see me?” – So.. how are you Celebrating the 4th of July in this wonderful country with so much to give that SO MANY are willing to Die for just to kiss this ground? – Be well and Safe.. – #kickassandcook #imachefdammit Note: fellow vet Bruce featured

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“As a veteran we are guided to honor, respect, [and] protect this flag,” said Chef Rush, a bodybuilder, combat veteran, and personal chef. “And EACH person NO matter their Race, Religion, Political Views. You know how many Assholes I saved, protected, [and] defended…because of my duty, NOT my emotions.”

Chef Rush should be honored for his service to this country (and also for his incredible talents in the kitchen! Yum!) The systemic racism and police brutality that plague our country are fundamentally un-American; Chef Rush’s belief that all men are created equal honors the convictions America was founded on. This is a real American hero, a chef, a veteran, and a bodybuilder — all rolled into one!

Also, lots of epic poses with the flag were shared as well, and the results were amazing!


Shawn Rhoden

Phil Heath

Brandon Curry

Cedric McMillan

However you celebrate this holiday, try to keep an open mind to everything that’s going on and honor the true spirit of American patriotism. With so much unrest throughout the country, this is the perfect time to really reflect on what makes us truly great — one another! We are an amazing, diverse nation of people from all over the world, and the people have the power to change the system for America. Think about how you can be a part of the solution today. Being a patriot means loving your fellow countryman and doing what you can for your community. Happy birthday America!

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