Kai Greene Interview: Kai Greene shares his thoughts on Brandon Curry’s physique and status as Olympia champion.

This past weekend was the New York Comic Con – which also happens to have a big bodybuilding appearance in the form of Kai Greene, who has been showing up the past few years to share more about his ongoing comic series The Chronicles Of King Kai. The NYCC also happens to be in Generation Iron’s backyard so we head headed over to the expo to meet up with Kai and catch up about the latest events in the bodybuilding world. Last week we released a video showcasing Kai’s thoughts on former champion Phil Heath skipping out on the Olympia 2019 – but what does Kai think about the new Olympia champion Brandon Curry?

In the latest GI Exclusive video from our interview with Kai Greene at the New York Comic Con, we ask Kai to share his thoughts on Brandon Curry representing the Olympia title and what his opinions were on the physique he brought to the stage. Brandon Curry has undergone quite the transformation over the past few years ever since moving his training out to Kuwait. It all seemed to pay off with his Olympia victory this year – but will he be able to hold onto the Sandow trophy next year when the likes of Big Ramy and possibly Phil Heath return to the stage?

Watch our GI Exclusive interview above to see Kai’s thoughts on Brandon Curry as Olympia champ! You can also get an inside look into the training and lifestyle of Brandon Curry with our original series – Offseason With The Curry’s right here.


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