Is Kai Greene Challenging Phil Heath In Recent Tweet?

Kai Greene could be interested in a return to competition against a long-time rival.

Kai Greene has been active on social media in recent weeks. If Greene is interested in a return, he could have a plan for an event or perhaps a rematch. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to send out what could be a challenge to longtime rival Phil Heath.

Greene has not been shy about showing off his build — even weighing over 300 pounds. On Monday, Greene gave a physique update on Instagram where he is looking as shredded as ever while weighing 317 pounds. If there was a reason for the recent training and string of action on Instagram, it could have been revealed.

This would give Greene some extra motivation when training. A competition between the likes of Greene and Heath would certainly bring some excitement. The two rivals are both inactive but this could lure them out of retirement.

Fans have long begged for Kai Greene to return to the stage – though every year is let down with his absence. Phil Heath has also been showing off his latest training and physique in recent videos – which have given fans a reason to speculate that he will be competing soon. Follow that up with Kai Greene’s recent photos and cryptic tweet – and the stars seem to be aligning for a rematch.

Of course, Kai Greene has also teased fans for fun in years past – so this could be no different. Just a fun way to get people excited. At this moment, we have no way of knowing. Could this be the year that Kai Greene returns to the stage?

A Brief Look Back at the Kai Vs Phil Rivalry

The rivalry between Greene and Heath was one of the most intriguing storylines over the last decade. It was first documented during the film Generation Iron’ back in 2013 and continued to be the highlight of man Mr. Olympias that followed. While Greene is one of the best bodybuilders of his generation, he has always had difficulty beating out Heath.

Greene has not competed since 2016 after winning the Arnold Classic. This was his third victory at this event in his career. Greene was given a special invitation to compete in the 2017 Mr. Olympia but declined. This is a competition that Greene placed second in three times from 2012-2014. Who did Greene lose to? None other than Heath.

Heath put together a string of seven-straight Mr. Olympia victories from 2011-2017. He entered bodybuilding in 2002 and got his first big break in 2005 when he won the overall title at the National Physique Committee. This allowed him to compete as an IFBB professional and he went onto win the first two events of in the following year.

In 2007, Heath qualified for the Mr. Olympia after finishing fifth at the Arnold Classic. He declined the invitation but there were big things ahead for Heath. Over the next three Mr. Olympia competitions, Heath finished third in 2008, fifth in 2009, and second in 2010 before rattling off seven wins in a row. Heath would see his streak end in 2018 when he finished second to Shawn Rhoden.

Heath is one of the best of all-time. During his prime, Heath was difficult to knock off the pedestal. Finishing second at Mr. Olympia three times has to be something that weighs on the mind of Greene. It is unknown if anything is in the works but Greene might have just showed his hand in regards to a competition. Heath has not responded but this is a storyline to keep a close eye on moving forward.

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