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The Eternal Mindset.

UPDATE: You can now watch “The Eternal Mindset” online and we have it right here for your viewing entertainment.

Original story follows…


Kai Greene has been pushing his celebrity status to the limit these past few weeks by joining forces with ESPN to release his football promos during the play offs. After seeing the last two, we weren’t sure if we’d get another during valuable Super Bowl Sunday airtime – but our fears were unneeded. Not only will Kai have another promo on EPSN today, he’ll actually have two!

Teased as being called “The Eternal Mindset,” you’ll be able to catch Kai’s two new promos on the post season Super Bowl show between 10am and 2pm (That’s right NOW!). So start your Super Bowl celebration a little early with a little help from Kai Greene and bodybuilding. It’s a great time to be a bodybuilder.

We’ll post the video online as it becomes available. So be sure to check back here throughout the day if you want to relive the moment or missed it the first time around. Stay pumped.

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