Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPN Video

Kai Greene’s motivational ESPN video is now online.

Yesterday ESPN featured Kai Greene in a short motivational segment during Post Season NFL Countdown. Kai had been teasing the segment for the entire week leading up to its airing. There was promise that he would not only be on ESPN but also be revealing something about his long talked about Masterpiece project. Well, it turns out that the Masterpiece Project remained a mystery, with no mention of his art/clothing crossover in any way, shape, or form. But what we did get is a very cool motivational video titled “The Mindset” – which is a very fitting phrase for Kai Greene. He has always been a man who proclaimed, “Thoughts become things” – so seeing him preach over bad ass football footage was a perfect match.

It may have been a bit short (and certainly didn’t feature much in the way of weightlifting or bodybuilding) but it’s always great to see bodybuilding make a splash, however small, on one of the biggest sports networks on television. It’s even more exciting that it turns out to be one of our Generation Iron alums. So if you missed it yesterday, here’s the Kai Greene ESPN video for your viewing pleasure:

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