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Kai Greene is continuing his move into the mainstream with his next television appearance.

Update (1/12/15): Well, the Kai Greene video premiered on ESPN – and while it was short, it was definitely pretty sweet. We may not have gotten a Masterpiece Project reveal like Kai teased, but in the end we got a pretty bad ass motivational video and a bodybuilder featured on one of the biggest sports networks out there. The video is now on YouTube so we’ve linked it here for your viewing pleasure:

Original story follows:

If any of you have been paying attention to Kai Greene’s Instagram or Twitter in the last few days then you’d know that the bodybuilder is up to something big. Well, if you were wondering what the Olympia runner up has in store you can rest easy; Generation Iron has the scoop. It’s official. Kai Greene will be featured on ESPN’s; “Post Season NFL Countdown” airing on Sunday, January 11 at 10:00 AM.

Kai Greene posted a few behind the scenes shots on set in the ESPN studios. Check them out:

Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPNGeneration Iron Kai Greene ESPN gym

Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPN workout


Looks like the Generation Iron star is breaking even further into the mainstream. It just goes to show you – you never know where the world’s best bodybuilders will show up. Kai Greene being on a major cable television network, particularly on a show that is only slightly related to his sport – is an indication on just how popular bodybuilding is becoming.

It also seems like Kai will be revealing his long talked about, but little known masterpiece project. He has been teasing us with pictures and videos for weeks now, but based off of these other behind the scenes photos – it looks like we will finally get a closer look at what the big picture is for the Masterpiece Project. Check them out:

Generation Iron Kai Greene Masterpiece Project ESPN Generation Iron Kai Greene Masterpiece Project


So will you be tuning in for the Post Season NFL Countdown this weekend? Check your local listings for channels and show times and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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