Is Kai Greene Making the Switch to a Plant-Based Diet?!

Kai Greene is turning to a plant-based diet?!

For the uninitiated, getting a great physique requires that you lift a ton of weight on a consistent basis and drink protein shakes left and right. While there is some truth to those notions, it’s only part of the puzzle that is bodybuilding. Amidst that puzzle is the major and crucial piece of diet and nutrition.

Sure, protein shakes can play a part in building muscle, but it isn’t the only factor. In order to build a pro level bodybuilding physique it requires an individual knowing exactly what macros are needed to both build energy and repair the body after a strenuous workout. Bodybuilding training is all about damaging the body and rebuilding it through that trauma into something more. So that means you better have the right diet in place to ensure success.

Veteran bodybuilders like Kai Greene understand that diet plays a major role in building the supreme physique.

For the most part many bodybuilders, Kai Greene included, have looked to chicken and rice, steak and potatoes, or insert meat product with vegetables. Bodybuilding diets have always been about the ingestion of meat in order to get that much needed protein kick. But in recent years we’ve learned that’s nothing more than a fallacy. A bodybuilder can build a tremendous physique by eating a plant-based diet.

From the sounds of things that’s exactly what Kai Greene himself is considering.

In a recent Tweet on his personal Twitter, Kai Greene expressed interest in beginning a plant-based diet in order maintain his physique.

Do you think Kai Greene will be able to maintain all his massive muscle on a plant-based diet?

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