Kai Greene Does INSANE Chest Workout No Normal Human Can Survive

Kai Greene’s chest day workout is INSANE!

One of the greatest bodybuilders to ever pick up a dumbbell, Kai Greene is not your average human being. To be honest, no pro bodybuilder is average by any means. It takes a certain insane dedication in order to transform your body the way that pro bodybuilders can. Kai Greene is no exception.

While many fans see the end results of preparation when their favorite bodybuilder hits the stage, what they don’t witness are all the hours of intense training in order to build their physiques into something more than human. Kai Greene has spent a large chunk of his life lifting and building his physique. So it comes as no surprise that the average human being would be hard pressed to keep pace with the bodybuilder during his routine workout.

Few train as hard as Kai Greene

Kai Greene possesses the kind of will and determination to push through any amount of physical pain in order to improve upon his physical form. Despite not competing for over three years now, Kai Greene still trains like he’s preparing for the Olympia. It’s not the kind of training that the average person is willing to put themselves through.

So of course an average Joe has decided to take on Kai Greene’s chest day workout. Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of how Kai Greene trains chest and the insane amount of effort needed to get through the session.

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