Kai Greene Shows You How to Build Solid Hamstrings and Glutes

Learn to train hamstrings and glutes from the master Kai Greene!

So many individuals in the bodybuilding game are focused on cultivating an impressive upper body, ignoring the other aspects of their physiques. Heck, some individuals completely ignore what they can’t see in the mirror, meaning their posterior chain isn’t given a chance to develop fully.

Seasoned bodybuilders and everyone else in the know understand that in order to build a high quality physique, you have to build up every inch of your body including the posterior chain and lower half.

Enter Kai Greene.

With a nickname like “Mr. Getting It Done” Kai Greene has proven himself to be a truly remarkable bodybuilder who always pushes himself to get the work completed in the gym. It’s one of the key factors that has made Kai Greene so wildly popular in the bodybuilding world.

In a recent post on Instagram, Kai Greene is using his know how and yearning for educating others to build up their physiques to offer some important tips on building up the lower body, particularly the hamstrings and glutes. Take a look at the clip below to get some ideas on how to better train your posterior chain with none other than Kai Greene himself.


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We make sure we’re using our minds and focus deep into the hamstrings and glutes feeling every fiber working properly. I generate great power at around 15-20 reps and working to failure in this rep range is effective for my body. When you get deeply connected with your muscles, you don’t need to lift the whole gym. I know most people think of working a higher rep range as light, but not for me. My legs like this range and it’s where I feel the best combination of power, strength and burn. I’ve always found that this rep range is very natural for me and I feel more connected than when using lower reps. .. ?NEW LEG E-BOOK?20+ Page Power Program to add on the size and definition in your Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes!! .. ?GO HERE —> Trainwithkai.com

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