Kai Greene Revealed To Be In Stranger Things Season 2!

Kai Greene’s star is rising.

As far as bodybuilders who transcended the sport, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one individual that comes to mind. The seven time Olympia champion was able to turn his success in bodybuilding into success on the big and small screen. Now it appears that bodybuilding veteran and fan favorite Kai Greene is following in Arnold’s footsteps. We’ve kept it quiet for some time but can finally announce it… Kai Greene appears in multiple episodes  on the second season of the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things.

It’s no secret that through Generation Iron’s management – Kai Greene was able to land representation through The Gersh Agency. This was a big moment for the bodybuilder and for the industry as a whole… further bridging the gap between Hollywood mainstream and the bodybuilding industry. Through these two powerhouse companies, the talented bodybuilder and artist was able to snag this opportunity to appear on one of the most popular Netflix shows to ever hit the streaming network.

With a dedication to bringing about the dreams of these great athletes, Generation Iron hopes that Kai Greene and the other athletes under the brand are able to obtain other great opportunities like this one.

Stranger Things season two is set to premiere at midnight, October 27 exclusively on Netflix. Catch Kai Greene in the very first episode!

What do you think of Kai Greene breaking into acting? Will you be tuning into Stranger Things season two?

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  1. I absolutely love that Kai got this chance. He is so humble and down to earth that I’m ecstatic that a nice guy is getting what he deserves! He deserved the Mr. Olympia title, but he didnt complain, moan, or make excuses. What an inspiration and talented artist as well as actor. Congratulations Kai Green!

  2. Kai’s, incontrovertibly, the living embodiment of “thoughts becoming things”. I don’t follow the industry, as avid as I am in training, merely out of passion, but I share but a fragment of his vision. I strongly believe that it’s in his humility that Kai’s earned his legend. Well deserved, and I hope that in the promise of better days, he finds himself evolving; as an athlete and on the big screen. Semper Fi

  3. So happpy… Kai you are an inspiration not only for your god given talents, but the fact you play a strong role in this show. Keep going my friend, I look forward to seeing you in the future in anything you choose to play a part in.

  4. It was so awesome to Kai on TV he deserves that and more, I hope we get to see him on the big screen soon. Kai keep up the good work ur fans support you and may God bless you.

  5. Kai was the best part of the dopey generic, bad Wachowski movie-crew. He was pretty good. Hope he keeps up the acting and they bring him back next season. When Eleven looks for a number on him, like “this motherfucker has gotta be a mutant superhero!”…

  6. I just watched generation iron 2 . And I thought what TV spot does Kai have ….. NEK MINUT .. I seen him on Stranger things 2! WTF good job mate . You are an inspiration to us all humans . And you did a fantastic job mate .

  7. Dwayne Vizzutti
    I watch Kai Greene on his show the bodybuilding show he did and seen himdo some acting classes and I wondered if he ever ould make it as an actor and he is very viable and believable in stranger things I think that’s really cool that a guy can expand his Horizons the way he did.


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