Generation Iron Kai Greene Post Workout

Get some post workout insights from the bodybuilding philosopher himself.

Kai Greene and MHP Strong have teamed up and created a series of videos featuring the thoughtful and useful insights of Kai as he prepares for the road to Olympia. Today, Kai talks about post workout nutrition, why it’s important, and throws in a couple of personal tips along the way.

So what does The Predator himself do for his post workout plan? Not surprisingly, he starts off with an immediate dose of MuscleMed’s secret sauce supplement. He then waits 30-45 minutes before eating his post workout meal. He reiterates why post workout nutrition is important.

Stuff like: giving your body a boost of vital nutrients (protein, amino acids, etc) and also preventing against body cannibalism – the process when your body breaks down the hard earned tissue because it doesn’t have enough calories to pull energy from.

You can check out the video below:


This is just part 6 of the video series. If you’d like to see all of the videos – you can stop by NPC News Online to check out the whole series.

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