Kamal Elgargni makes his predictions for the Olympia 2020 Men’s Open and thinks Hadi Choopan can be a real threat to win.

Unfortunately, Hadi Choopan seems to be facing more visa issues ahead of the Mr. Olympia 2020. The world pandemic probably isn’t helping things. But never say never with Choopan. He surprised us just days before last year’s Olympia with a visa in hand and ready to battle on stage. Anything is possible. That’s why Kamal Elgargni hopes to see him on stage this year. He thinks Choopan has a real chance to one day be Mr. Olympia champion. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Kamal Elgargni explains why Hadi Choopan will be a real threat to win the Mr. Olympia. If not this year, then possibly one year in the future.

Hadi Choopan shocked the world last year by not only competing last minute in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Open, but by also placing third. Choopan was best known as a dangerous athlete in the Men’s 212 division. Many thought to step up into a larger weight class would be a mistake. He proved those doubters wrong.

Despite this, there are those who think he only paced third due to a lack of competition. Shawn Rhoden couldn’t compete. Phil Heath took a year break after losing in 2018. Would Choopan have been bumped down to fifth if these other top tier competitors showed up?

The Olympia 2020 was a chance for Hadi Choopan to prove himself as more than a one time fluke in the Men’s Open division. Sadly, it seems new visa issues will prevent him from competing this year. Though there is still time for a last minute change.

During our conversation with Kamal Elgargni, we brought up Hadi Choopan and his chances in the Men’s Open Olympia this year. Elgargni is the current Men’s 212 champion and is more than familiar with Hadi Choopan as an athlete. Before Choopan switched divisions – he would have been prime competition for Elgargni to defeat in his class. So what does he think about Choopan’s chances to win?

Kamal Elgargni believes that fans shouldn’t count Choopan out just because Phil Heath is returning. Choopan brings a full package that many other pros can sometimes be lacking. Unfortunately, Choopan’s biggest weakness is his overall height and size. It’s what makes him a perfect fit for Men’s 212, but gives him a vertical challenge in the Men’s Open.

Kamal Elgargni doesn’t see this as an automatic disqualifier for Choopan’s chances though. Elgargni believes that Hadi Choopan is a real threat and will likely stand toe to toe with Brandon Curry and Phil Heath.

Elgargni goes on to say that he hopes that Hadi Choopan brings something special that changes up the expected for the Olympia 2020. After a year of cancellations and rescheduling shows, he thinks we can all use a great special surprise at this year’s Mr. Olympia.

You can watch Kamal Elgargni’s full comments about Hadi Choopan and his full predictions for the Olympia 2020 in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.