Kenny KO Fires Back in Beef With Tavi Castro

Kenny KO has gotten even more mixed up in the feud between warring Body Engineers executives Tavi Castro and Peter Versluis.

Earlier today, Kenny KO released a video showing his response to Tavi Castro’s claim that he’s a fake news journalist who runs misleading stories for clicks.

Kenny KO had this to say in response to criticism that he doesn’t “show both sides” when covering negative stories: “I mean, unbeknownst to me, there’s already been two f*cking sides,” Kenny KO said. “No one had Peter’s side of the story, so I went out of my way to interview Peter. Now you have both stories.”

Well, looks like this one is best left played out in the courts. Come February, we can all make our decision about whatever it is that’s going down at Body Engineers right now. You can check out the video below:

In case you missed it, here’s a timeline of the scandal that has enveloped Body Engineers as business partners Tavi Castro and Peter Versluis fight for control of the company.


The Shot Heard Round the World

The feud began when Tavi Castro went public with his claim that Body Engineers business partner Peter Versluis was extorting him and misusing company funds. Tavi made his announcement over Instagram in December, claiming Peter had “people break into our home and our HQ” and had “rejected…peaceful resolution…including resolutions where he earns large amounts of money in exchange for our peace.” You can watch the emotional video in full below.

Having only heard one side of the story, the people of Instagram and Twitter of course flocked to Tavi’s aid and came down hard on Peter. But Peter fired back almost immediately, which is where Kenny KO enters the story.

Kenny KO Enters the Ring

Peter Versluis shared his experiences of working alongside Tavi Castro in an interview with Kenny KO. He basically accused Tavi of mismanaging the company, claimed he had a history of defrauding investors, and claims that he acted on a very justified belief that Tavi was defrauding investors. Kenny KO came out on Peter’s side almost immediately and shared that prior to filming the video he had reached out to many who had worked with Tavi and had negative experiences. However, most of them were too fearful to be named, and only Peter would speak out about these alleged shady business deals.

“I have a very good friend Rico. He is a world-champion kickboxer and I know Tavi only because of him. At the time, Rico was trying to work with Tavi Castro and invested more than $78,000 but lost all his money. Rico never got any shares or even the money back,” Peter explained of Tavi’s managerial style in an interview with

Peter explained that he owns 50% of Body Engineers shares and is an official partner who only wanted to see the business prosper. After investing $1 million of his own money into the company, he became concerned with where it was headed under Tavi’s leadership.

After Tavi rejected the financial terms of Peter’s appeal, a court date was set for February of this year.

The Revenge of the Tavi Castro

Tavi Castro refuted the claims put forward by Peter Versluis in his interview with Kenny KO, and additionally claims that although he offered paperwork proving his side of the story, Kenny KO did not respond to his calls or emails. Tavi called Kenny KO a clickbait journalist who deliberately ran misleading, negative stories in order to mine clickbait.

Generation Iron sat down with Tavi Castro to discuss this interpretation of events. You can watch his interview responding to the Kenny KO/Peter Versluis interview here.

That catches us up to today with Kenny KO’s video response to Tavi Castro’s interview with Generation Iron. At this point all sides have said everything there is to say until the courts actually get involved. So we’ll be eager to see what the first court date of February 5th brings about in terms of new information.


*All images courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

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