With gyms closed, rising star Keone Pearson talks on how he will maintain his physique during the shutdown.

The world is in the middle of a crisis right now and countries across the globe are essentially in lockdown. With exception of vital business, most places are closed and citizens are advised to not leave their homes except for essentials. For bodybuilders, there’s a fear that physique progress and muscle will be lost if the gyms are closed for too long. So when we sat down with Keon Pearson recently via Skype, we wanted to know his tactics during this difficult time. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Keone Pearson discusses how he plans to handle his training during the shutdown.

Keone Pearson is a talented bodybuilder with a lot of promise and has turned many heads in the Classic Physique division. But he recently shocked the bodybuilding world with his announcement that he wants to compete in the Men’s 212 division moving forward. Ultimately, the timing couldn’t have been any worse. With the world in crisis many countries, including the US, have gone into lockdown. That means nearly all gyms are closed. How does Keone plan to train for Men’s 212 without a gym?

When we sat down with Keone, he didn’t seem worried – at least not yet. He discussed how up until very recently he was still able to go to his gym (it has since closed down temporarily due to the lockdown). With his gym now newly closed, he is using this opportunity to take a few weeks to recover. He doesn’t think that’s an issue at all.

“This will be very needed for my body.” Keone states after admitting that he barely every takes recovery time off at all. It’s an issue that he knows he needs to address and perhaps the lockdown will finally bring that in for him. Keone brings up Dexter Jackson and how he usually takes two to three weeks off after a major show. Keone thinks that the social distancing lockdown will bring the same kind of recovery for his own body.

Of course the elephant in the room is what will happen if this last more than a few weeks? Many experts think this could last multiple months before returning to normal. If that’s the case, it’s inevitable for bodybuilders to lose progress, lose muscle, and find themselves at a disadvantage once competitions and gyms open back up.

Furthermore, if this last longer than many hope – will the Olympia ultimately be cancelled? According to the latest statements from the Olympia brand, it’s still planning to move full steam ahead. But if things are still shut down by August, they might have to change their tune. We asked Keone Pearson if he thinks it will ultimately be cancelled. “It’s 50/50 right now.” Keone says. Like everyone else, Keone will have to simply play it by ear. But from the look and sound of his demeanor, right now he’s trying to stay optimistic.

Watch Keone Pearson’s full thoughts on the social distancing shutdown and how it will effect his training and bodybuilding on our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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