Why did Kevin Levrone withdraw?

Bodybuilding is all about drive, passion, and determination. It’s about forcing your body to bend under your will and transforming it into a brand new form that you find to be adequate. The reason so many professionals are so great at the endeavor is because they know their bodies exceptionally well and when to push it and when to hold off. Kevin Levrone is one of those veterans that know exactly what to do when his body is speaking to him.

Though it was announced earlier this year that Kevin Levrone would be competing at the Vancouver Pro, it appears that he’s withdrawing from the competition. While many fans were looking to see him do some damage in Vancouver, it doesn’t mean that Kevin Levrone is calling it quits and walking away from competitive bodybuilding. On the contrary.

It appears that while he may not be competing at the Vancouver Pro, Kevin Levrone is still looking to compete this summer at an as yet to be named show. While people may still be waiting to see if the veteran will be competing at the Olympia this year, fans can rest assured that ‘The Maryland Muscle Machine’ will still be doing his thing come summer time. Take a look at the post below for confirmation from Kevin Levrone himself.

What do you think of Kevin Levrone withdrawing from the Vancouver Pro?

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  1. What’s up Kevin, I’m hoping that you continue killing them’ because you’re my biggest inspiration right now. I’m a senior citizen 65years old, and I’m planning on doing a show in April. I’m presently 6-4 291lbs. I want to walk on stage at around 275. I will be competing in the open!! LETS KICK SOME BUTT!!


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