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For all the talk about getting into the gym and training hard or watching your diet and nutrition, there are other very important factors to being a professional bodybuilder. Sure, training and dieting are two major focuses of bodybuilding that should be appreciated and treated with the utmost importance, but there are other elements to making a successful pro bodybuilder. For one, having a good training partner is always going to pay a tremendous amount of dividends. Someone that is there to motivate you, to push you to the next level and keep you from quitting even when your body and mind are exhausted.


A great training partner is a key to building a champion. Sure, it’s possible to make great achievements as a professional without the use of training partners, but it does take away that motivational element that can be so important to boosting a bodybuilder’s training. What’s even better than the usual training partner is a mentor whose seen it and done it all. A person who has experience in the professional realm. Now this may not be possible for everyone of course, but it’s surely something that will take your training and preparation to the next level.

Bodybuilding on the professional level requires a certain level of finesse and grace, particularly where posing is concerned. This is the element where a training partner can only help so much. A mentor on the other hand will have the experience and knowledge to offer the pointers you need to excel when hitting the posing stage.

One of the all time greats of bodybuilding is no doubt the impressive Kevin Levrone. Despite never winning an Olympia title, a fact many fans believe to be ludicrous, Levrone does have a great wealth of knowledge about training and posing that he’s willing to provide to anyone looking to improve their stage presence. Check out the video below for some of the pointers Levrone gives to young up and comer Jonathan Later. Who knows, maybe it can end up benefiting you as well.

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