King Kamali breaks down how to build a monster back with this in-depth workout guide.


Last week, King Kamali shared his ultimate shoulder workout guide. Taking his pro bodybuilding and coaching expertise and breaking it down to help you bring your training to the next level. But that was only the first in a series of five workout guide videos that will detail every major muscle group. By the end – you’ll have a full body workout mini-series to follow and perfect.

This week King Kamali moves from the shoulders to the back. Building a massive and well sculpted back might be one of the most important muscle groups for competitive bodybuilders. While an entire perfect package is the ultimate goal – it’s often said that bodybuilding competitions are won from the back.

That’s why King Kamali is providing the world his in-depth back training routine. The same kind of routine he would use on his clients. Now you can get some insight into a pro bodybuilding level training. Not only that, but King goes through each exercise with one of his clients. That way you can see tips and variations to keep in mind while performing this workout.

A list of exercises, sets, and reps can be helpful – but ultimately something gets lost in the little details of form, tips, and tricks to really focus and bring a workout to the next level. King Kamali has been asked by King’s World fans for months to share some of his training wisdom. Now it’s finally here.

Watch King Kamali’s full back workout guide in our latest King’s World episode above!

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