King Kamali Lifts Car To Save Victim In Car Accident

King Kamali recently helped save a victim in a car accident.

Shahriar Kamali, better known as King Kamaliis a well-known bodybuilder who has remained vocal about the sport. Recently, he used his strength to help someone in danger following a car accident.

On Wednesday, King Kamali posted a video on his Instagram page explaining an incredible story. He was driving with his daughter and saw a car accident. The car was upside down and there was a need for help. Kamali hopped out of the car and went to help any victims.

In his caption on social media, Kamali explains that he had to rip the door of the car off to get to the passenger and proceeded to lift the car to get the victim’s arm out. Unfortunately, the passenger has to have her left hand amputated and suffered broken legs but she is still alive.

“Jesus Christ people… I’m still in shock. Thanking God right now for the strength he has blessed me with because it took everything I had to lift this car off of her arm. Left hand amputated and legs broken but I stayed with her the entire time. The only way to get to her was to rip the fucking door off and I did. #godbewiththem #thankthelordformystrength


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King Kamali remained with the victim until the ambulance arrived and she was able to get the proper care. This incredible feat of bravery and strength is what Kamali has been all about. He banged up his hand in the process but admitted it was worth it.

“2 jammed, 1 dislocated and 1 fucked up.. battle scars from yanking a car door off the hinge. It was worth it helping a fellow human being in need. #kingsworld👑🌎


Kamali has retired from bodybuilding after a long career as an IFBB professional. Born in Iran, Kamali moved to New York and began his career. He gained interest in bodybuilding in college while studying Exercise Physiology at George Mason. This allowed him to learn about about sports nutrition paired with distinctive posing styles.

In 1999, Kamali won the NPC Nationals in the heavyweight division. He went onto finish fourth at the Arnold Classic in 2001. He appeared in three Arnold Classic competitions and two Mr. Olympia’s.

King Kamali last appeared on stage in 2006 at the Atlantic City Pro. Since his retirement, Kamali has remained vocal in the sport attempting to improve it moving forward. It is clear that Kamali has the best interest of bodybuilding but also for human beings as a whole.

Kamali references his incredible strength for being able to pull off the rescue. There was much more to it as he was courageous enough to jump right in. This proves once again that humans can channel super strength in times of need.

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