King Kamali breaks down what he thinks are the top SARMs for bodybuilders.

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SARMs – which stands for selective androgen receptor modulators – have been a much talked about and relatively new drug used by bodybuilders in the industry. Their main claim to fame is that they provide the benefits of steroids without any of the side effects. But we here at Generation Iron need to make one thing clear right off the bat – SARMs are NOT currently cleared for human or recreational use. Any illegal drug you choose to use is at your own risk.

That being said – it’s important for people in the industry to stay informed on the effects of SARMs. Which is why King Kamali’s unfiltered episode of King’s World today is all about his favorite SARMs and what they are used for. Should you be taking these drugs? We can’t condone illegal use of any drug. But if you are someone who is fascinated with learning about the effects of these compounds and why they have become popular in bodybuilding – King Kamali offers valuable insight into this current side of bodybuilding.

Check out King Kamali break down his favorite SARMs, what they do, and why they stand as his top compounds in this area of supplementation in this week’s episode of King’s World above!

DISCLAIMER: This video is the sole opinion of King Kamali. Generation Iron Network does not condone any form of illegal drug use.

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