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Get well soon Kurt Angle.

Just as news broke that Ronnie Coleman would have to undergo back surgery this week, a WWE great and current TNA wrestler has also had to go under the knife as well. Famed pro wrestler and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle was rushed to the hospital today to undergo emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his spine. The condition has been said to be potentially life threatening. Angle’s management company provided news on his official Twitter account: @RealKurtAngle.

“Friends and Fan this is a message from Mr. Angles Management. Yesterday while Mr. Angle was preparing for his travel to the UK for Comic Con, he was experiencing severe pain, he lost feeling in his extremities, and starting to have some difficulty breathing. His wife, Giovanni, very concerned rushed him to the hospital, where doctors informed Kurt that his symptoms were the result of his recent surgery that left a large buildup of fluid on his spinal cord. Since the condition could be fatal, they immediately underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his spine. The surgery went well and doctors believe he will have a full recovery. Kurt apologies to his friends and fans that He will not be appearing at Comic Con in London this weekend as hoped. Kurt is doing well and we will keep you posted on his progress.”

The wrestling standout has been competing all his life on both the amateur and professional circuit and has collected his fair share of injuries. But it was a neck injury he sustained during his bid for Olympic gold back in 1996 which appears to be one of the major factors contributing to his current condition. Though he was advised years ago that the condition could eventually worsen, Angle chose to compete because of the love he had for the sport as well as his love of the fans. Though he should have perhaps considered retirement all those years ago, it’s hard not to admire a man who put his health on the line to pursue something he loves and that’s something that should be respected more than anything else.

We at Generation Iron are wishing Kurt Angle a healthy and speedy recovery.


According to most recent reports. The surgery went well and Kurt Angle is back at home resting comfortably. He thanks everyone for all the prayers and support. We all here hope he continues to recover smoothly!


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