Larry Wheels Shares Exercise To Build A Massive Back

Larry Wheels recently posted a video of a workout to build a huge back.

Larry Wheels is a well-known powerlifter who is seen moving huge weight in the gym during workouts. Recently, Wheels shared a video to Instagram performing a 220kg (485lb) back row.

In his caption, Wheels claims this is the best workout to develop a huge back. In the video, Wheels is seen moving the large weight up to his stomach and returning it to the floor at a rapid pace. He is making the lift look easy despite the incredible amount of weight.

“485lbs/220kg rows for reps develop a huge thick back.
@teampersonalrecord for the straps I’m using!”


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Larry Wheels has been putting up some huge numbers in the gym. Just a week ago, he set a new PR with a 140lb shoulder press for 17 reps. He has also shown big numbers performing an overhead press. Wheels is also known for his massive squats.


In September, Wheels set a new personal best with a 950lb squat. This came one week before he suffered a quad injury performing the same lift. Wheels was seen dropping the huge weight off his back after his quad seemed to pop. This forced him to take some time off but he quickly returning to the gym.

Wheels has been putting up some huge numbers because of his work as a powerlifter but has also dabbled in the sport of arm wrestling. This was a venture that did not last long but Wheels had some big-time matchups against the likes of Schoolboy. While Wheels has made his return to powerlifting, he plans to compete in arm wrestling once again.

Larry Wheels announced he will be taking on powerlifter Brandon Allen in an arm-wrestling match. This will take place on in December. Wheels will not be the only high-profile athlete appearing at the event as both Hafthor Bjornsson and Devon Larratt will be present.

This is a chance for Wheels to compete against an athlete who has a similar background. This will be an exciting match because of the preparation done by the two competitors. There is a chance that this is an even match that makes for some must-see action.

One thing we do know is that Larry Wheels is known for his trend of setting different personal records in the gym. That has continued recently and he is continuing to share some workouts to build up different body parts.

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