Larry Wheels Falls To Brandon Allen In Recent Arm Wrestling Match

Larry Wheels recently took on Brandon Allen in an arm wrestling match.

Larry Wheels has been putting up some incredible lifts in the gym. He has been crushing personal records in recent months and sharing his achievements to social media. While Wheels has found success and built a large following as a powerlifter, he has also dabbled in the sport of arm wrestling.

Recently, Wheels took on Brandon Allen in a best-of-six match where one competitor has to win four rounds to take home a victory. This comes after Wheels was defeated twice against Aleksandr Toproll, known as Schoolboy. Wheels got off to a strong start against Allen but in the end, it was a 4-2 victory for Allen.

The powerlifter used brute strength to win the first two rounds. After giving it his all early, Wheels seemed a bit tired and Allen took advantage. He would win rounds three and four with ease before Wheels regained some energy. Round five was a battle but Allen countered an early pull from Wheels before finishing off the match in round six. 

There was some drama building up coming into the match. Larry Wheels shared a video to his YouTube channel showing some tall between the athletes leading up. This includes some comments about Allen’s coach and how Wheels believed there is no coach who could help.

Allen also mentioned that he had been training with Mike Ayello. Wheels also has experience training with Ayello and said that this could be his next opponent.


“I would shock him the next time. Matter of face, he might be my next opponent,” Larry Wheels said.

Brandon Allen joked about Wheels’ ability in training and even acknowledged the lack of following that he has compared to Wheels, who currently has 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

“From what he (Ayello) told me, there is no way you improved that much,” Brandon Allen said.

“You’re gonna disappoint your fans. My fans will be stoked, all six of them.”

Larry Wheels has recently posted some incredible lifts, such as a 950-pound squat and 140-pound dumbbell shoulder press for 17 reps. Wheels recently injured his quad in September after making his return to powerlifting. This came after his first venture in arm wrestling. 

From what it sounds like, Wheels is not done in the sport. There is a great chance that he returns to arm wrestling for what could be another high-powered matchup. Wheels brings a big name and a big following into matches. Now, Wheels will be focused on fine-tuning his skills and preparing for his next match.

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