Larry Wheels Hit Heavy Deadlift Workout Featuring 20 Single-Sets Of 700 Pounds

Larry Wheels crushed a massive workout featuring 20 single sets of 700 pounds.
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Larry Wheels is back to Deadlifting heavy and preparing for new goals this year.

Larry Wheels Williams continues to be a multi-faceted fitness star who loves to get after it in the gym. Heading into the New Year, Wheels hit another massive deadlift workout that was tailored toward powerlifting.

Wheels is preparing to compete during C.T. fletcher’s Iron Wars VIII in just under three weeks. During a recent workout, Wheels took on 20 sets of singles using 700 pounds on the bar. This competition will take place on Jan. 19 at the Iron Addicts Gym in California and Wheels has his sights set on a new goal.

“I’m going to try to do 800 for 10 reps. My all-time best with no suit, no straps, was 800 for seven. I remember my calf was tearing, maybe I had one or two left in me, but I got seven.”

Wheels discussed how he has never reached 10 reps using 800 pounds. While he has used the previous year to focus on bodybuilding, Wheels will return to powerlifting in January.

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Larry Wheels Attacks 700-Pound Deadlift Workout 

The workout began with warmup sets before Wheels loading 700 pounds on the bar. The workout began and he was on a routine of hitting one rep every minute on the minute.

“I will be preparing for a deadlift amrap. So today, we got 20 sets with 700 pounds. And it’s singles but every minute on the minute, I have to do a set.”


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Larry Wheels spoke after the fourth set about the significance of the bar. He was using a stiff bar during this workout as opposed to a deadlift bar. It made a difference when it comes to stress on his body.

“This would be significantly easier with a deadlift bar. It’s a lot more stress on the lower back and hamstrings so you actually have to pull it an additional two inches range-of-motion versus a deadlift bar.”

Wheels made it through the workout and admitted that it was not the most challenging deadlift workout he went through but it was definitely the longest. Prior to the start, Wheels did not recall doing any workout for 20 sets.

“What I found interesting is that is didn’t get more challenging set by set. My cardiovascular system was not being stressed. My breathing was totally fine. It’s the longest deadlift workout I think I’ve done in awhile but definitely not the most challenging.”

Larry Wheels hit powerlifting workouts sparingly over the last year because it was still fun in the gym. Now, he is preparing with a competition in mind and has set sights on a new goal.

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