WATCH: Larry Wheels Crushes 827lb Triple Squat

Larry Wheels has been putting up crazy numbers in recent training sessions.

Larry Wheels is known for pulling off eye-popping lifts and he is back at it again. In a recent training session, Wheels destroyed an 827lb squat for a triple — and did it with relative ease.

Wheels is back to training with monstrous weight and has been posting some recent work on social media. For this incredible lift, Wheels took to Instagram to show his recent progress.

Wait for it… then wait for it again. Then wait for it one more time!


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Larry Wheels spent some time arm wrestling and took on some of the best competitors in the world. This includes Aleksandr “Schoolboy” Toproll, who is one of the best in the world today. The two linked up twice for some memorable events. Now, Wheels seems to have his focus back on powerlifting and is back to moving some unimaginable weight.


An 827lb squat is no joke. Wheels makes this lift look effortless for a triple and there are many aspects at work here. The patience that the 26-year-old has is incredible and he maintains the same form, even with a full-grown grizzly bear on his back.

This is the most recent accomplishment for Wheels. On Aug. 1, he shared a video of a 852lb squat for a double. He has also excelled in other areas such as a 515lb shoulder press and an 875lb sumo deadlift.

The weight that Wheels has been moving recently makes one think that he has big things in mind for the near future. As of now, we know that he plans to compete on Sept. 11 at the IPS Long Island Insurrextion.

This is where Larry Wheels could continue to attempt different personal records. The arm-wrestling journey was exciting but powerlifting is better with Wheels in the game. If his social media is any indication, it is clear that Wheels is back to fully focusing on weightlifting and is doing it in a big way.

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