Larry Wheels Suffers Injury During 705 Lbs Bench Press Attempt

Larry Wheels has once again been injured.

If you’ve been following Larry Wheels for some time then you’ve already come to the realization that the man pushes himself past his limits on a consistent basis.

The powerlifter has been smashing his personal records during every training camp. His camp for the upcoming RPS Insurrection Powerlifting meet in New York scheduled for November 23 has been no exception. Larry Wheels has been pushing himself hard in hopes of dominating the competition.


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Ahead of RPS Insurrection, Larry Wheels has smashed personal records after record in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. His ability to push himself to new heights of capability is pretty remarkable to say the least.

But it appears that his ambition for greater strength has led Larry Wheels to injury.

During a recent bench press session, Larry Wheels has injured himself. During a 705 Lbs bench press attempt, the powerlifter bailed on the lift obviously suffering some kind of injury in the process. The video below shows Larry Wheels making the attempt and the subsequent fallout.

At this point there are no clues as to how severe the injury is. Generation Iron will be watching this story closely as it develops.

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