Larry Wheels: “All I know is if I started taking hormones to make me a woman, I’d be much stronger than any other woman that’s ever been alive.”

A CONVERSATION WITH LARRY WHEELS – is a two part sit down interview with world record holder and massively popular powerlifter Larry Wheels. Set to be a featured competitor in the upcoming Strength Wars movie and notable for being a powerlifter with an incredible bodybuilding physique – Larry Wheels is an athlete that is challenging the standards of the divisions between strength sports. Larry discusses with director Vlad Yudin his goal to become a pro bodybuilder (while also still powerlifting), how he manages risk of serious injury, and how he handles the toxic side of social media. New episodes air every Thursday!

In 2019, a controversial subject came into the spotlight in the world of strength sports. More transgender athletes began to push for competing in their newly identified gender – specifically men who have transitioned into women. Various leagues have allowed this but some fans and onlookers wondered if this gives an unfair advantage to the transgender athlete. In part two of our two part interview with Larry Wheels, Vlad Yudin asks for Larry’s opinion on this topic specifically for the sport of powerlifting.

While Larry Wheels is looking to find success in bodybuilding and becoming a pro – he also sees himself as a powerlifter first and foremost. Being so close to the sport of Powerlifting, what does he think of transgender athletes switching to compete in their new respective gender? Does this give them an unfair advantage? Or is the concept of men inherently being stronger than woman a stereotype that should be ignored?

While Larry Wheels doesn’t have a solution to what would be fair for transgender rights – he does believe that it’s a complicated situation for maintaining fairness to all competitors in the sport. Ultimately, Larry finishes off the topic using himself as an example. He believes that if he were to go through a gender transition into a woman – that he would be much stronger than any powerlifter that was born a woman.

Larry Wheels and Vlad Yudin also cover additional topics in this sit down interview such as his budding supplement business and how he deals with negativity on the internet. Check it out in our final episode of A Conversation With Larry Wheels above!

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