Larry Wheels discusses heavy training and the risk of injuries.

A CONVERSATION WITH LARRY WHEELS – is a two part sit down interview with world record holder and massively popular powerlifter Larry Wheels. Set to be a featured competitor in the upcoming Strength Wars movie and notable for being a powerlifter with an incredible bodybuilding physique – Larry Wheels is an athlete that is challenging the standards of the divisions between strength sports. Larry discusses with director Vlad Yudin his goal to become a pro bodybuilder (while also still powerlifting), how he manages risk of serious injury, and how he handles the toxic side of social media. New episodes air every Thursday!

Earlier this week it was announced that Larry Wheels had joined the cast to the newly announced Strength Wars movie. This is simply an example of how high Larry Wheel’s star is rising within the world of strength sports and fitness. Known for his incredibly massive lifts while also maintaining an impressive bodybuilding physique – Wheels is an athlete that is looking to not be boxed into one corner or category. It’s that kind of mentality that is bringing him success both in the athletic field and in overall popularity. He’s a viral figure both by staying true to himself and diversifying what it means to be a strength-based athlete.

In part one of our two part sit down interview, director Vlad Yudin meets up with Larry Wheels in NYC at a pizza parlor to catch up and discuss his past, present, and future. They discuss Larry’s number one goal and also discuss the very real and serious risk of injury Wheels faces due to his extremely heavy lifts.

Wheels’ heavy lifts are a big part of what made him go viral – and it’s those kinds of lifts that have become paramount in his brand and career. As a powerlifter, these kinds of heavy lifts can’t be avoided. But the threat of injury is always a shadow that hangs over these gigantic lifts. One irreversible injury can change the entire course of his life. Larry discusses how he handles the threat of injury and also recalls one of the worst/scariest injuries he ever faced while training in the gym. An injury that, in the moment, seemed to be career-ending.

Check out part one of A Conversation With Larry Wheels above and make sure to get all the details on his involvement in our upcoming feature documentary Strength Wars right here.


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