Alpha Female Lauren Findley Shows Off Insane Back, Proving Strong Is Sexy

Beauty in strength.

Lauren Findley may not be an IFBB pro just yet, but she’s well on her way to turning heads in the industry. While some may try discredit the work of women in the industry, Lauren Findley is absolute proof that female fitness figures aren’t just pretty faces to be admired.

Admiration can come in many forms. Redefining the idea of what is sexy is just one of the reasons to admire Lauren Findley. Another, perhaps even more clear reason is the hard work she puts into her training. Take a look at the post below that showcases Lauren Findley and her powerful back that blends strong and sexy all into one package.

Here’s to strong women ?? #evogenelite #strongwomen #girlswithmuscle #strongissexy

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