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The bodybuilding rivalry that’s flying under the radar.

In the world of bodybuilding rivalries seem to be all the rage. It looks as if you’re in the fitness industry then you better find someone with an opposing viewpoint and question it thoroughly. When it’s done for laughs or for no reason other than jealousy or self promotion it can be a bit childish. But when it comes down to a difference in philosophy, one that each person believes in, then things get a bit more interesting and become a whole lot more meaningful.

Such is the case between Lee Priest and Bostin Loyd. The two men have recently sparked rivalry that appears to be escalating. Priest seems to have a truly fundamental issue with the opinions of Loyd. An amateur bodybuilder with growing internet following, Bostin Loyd is a young man who is a firm believer in using PEDs in his pursuit of gaining more size and muscle. Loyd is a true believer in the notion that bodybuilding has less to do about genetics and more to do with nutrition and performance enhancers.


It seems this has rubbed Lee Priest the wrong way as the long time bodybuilder believes Llyod to be a dangerous element, particularly to those looking to pursue bodybuilding long term. Priest seems to be of the opinion that Loyd ideology could be giving the wrong image of bodybuilding. He believes that Loyd’s advice could end up truly damaging any of the younger viewers who look up to the internet fitness personality.

Check out just exactly what Priest thinks of Bostin Loyd in the video below.

But if you thought that Loyd was going to take that lying down then you’re dead wrong. Head on over to the next page to see Loyd’s video response to Lee Priest.

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