Lee Priest Mimics Shawn Ray in “Black Face” During Recent Interview

Lee Priest has been caught on camera saying racist remarks more than once.

Lee Priest has once again pushed the limits of trolling. In a recent interview, Lee Priest put on a mask, essentially Black Face, and made fun of fellow IFBB pro and veteran bodybuilder Shawn Ray.

This isn’t the first offensive act by Lee Priest to say the least. The controversial figure has been shown to push the envelop many times before, particularly with issues of race.

In 2015, the European migrant crisis began. More than a million of the refugees were fleeing from wars in Asia and the Middle East with hopes of starting a new life in Europe.

Lee Priest called these migrants economic refugees and not “real” ones. He made the comparison to refugees in Africa, in which in his eyes are real refugees when you are placed in a camp, with flies on your face, and knapsacks on their backs. To Lee, a real refugee is someone coming from slavery based on that comparison.

“These cunts come here looking they’ve been to the f***ing gym” Lee said.

He adds that the men and boys should be fighting for the army of which they come from. Lee said that they need to fix their own people up in their own countries. He felt as though they migrated to Australia for the benefits.

“And then when they come here, a lot of them try to change this country, it be like the shithole they just f***ing left” Lee said.

Lee then continues on his rant and mentions religious traditions that most Muslims do not take part in like eating pork or celebrating Christmas, which in his eyes, should be another reason why they should stay in their homeland. He does not understand why they would want to be somewhere that does not celebrate their religion and beliefs.

Lee Priest is a firm believer that most terrorists are Muslim and that it does not take a lot of Muslims to put a country on standstill. Priest also picked fun at the burka’s that some women in Afghanistan wear that usually covers the full face and body. (He meant to say a Niqab, based on his description, but the ignorant does not always understand difference.) He mentioned that if they went into the bank with it, they would be kicked out, so to send their husbands in instead. Lee questioned the religion and questioned why they would want to walk around fully covered up anyways.

Lee believes that religion are just fairy tales and that it’s “full of sh*t.”

In another video Lee Priest mentions African-Americans and how they are always playing victim when it comes to being shot by the police or being hung in their jail cells. He also mentions African-Americans being associated with crack-cocaine and drive-by shootings.

In addition to Lee’s racist Muslim remarks & racist African-American comments, he also made fun of slavery in the United States (which lasted over 400 years) in a video (below). He claims he is not racist because the machine he was working out on, is black.

Most recently Priest put on a “black face” (a mask resembling a black man) and impersonated Shawn Ray.

Yet again another instance of controversial bodybuilder pushing the boundaries of what he would consider lighthearted fun. He even tries to defend the action by referencing the film White Girls, where black male actors portrayed two white women.

To Lee Priest, he is not racist because he has a black best friend, but that is also the favorite line of most racists. View the receipts and you be the judge.

What do you think of Lee Priest and his controversial personality?

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