Lee Priest Trashes Tony Huge and Enhanced 2 The Max

Lee Priest has choice words for Tony Huge.

Everyone’s favorite outspoken bodybuilder is back and he’s brought his review of the latest Generation Iron produced documentary Enhanced 2 The Max.

In a recent interview, Lee Priest gave his unbiased opinion about the film and from the sound of things, the controversial bodybuilder was less than impressed by what he saw.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said Lee Priest. “He (Tony Huge) talks about experimenting, he’s got these guys taking drugs and some of them had to stop after three days because their chest was tight, they couldn’t breathe.”

Obviously from the sounds of things, Lee Priest isn’t impressed with Tony Huge and his brand of experimentation with enhancement drugs. Known for his raw and uncut approach to telling the truth how he sees it, Lee Priest has already gone on record about his own steroid use.

According to the Australian IFBB legend the information that Tony Huge is putting out there about building 26 pounds of muscle in a week and the like simply don’t add up. All in all, Lee Priest wasn’t impressed by Enhanced 2 The Max, but hey, it’s one man’s opinion.

“Me just explaining how bad it is doesn’t even do it justice.”

What did you think of Enhanced 2 The Max?

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