‘Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding’ Debuts In Top 10 Documentary Charts

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding lands in Top 10 iTunes documentary charts on opening day.

Today was the release of Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding – which you can grab now on all major digital platforms here. Lee Priest is often known as being a controversial bodybuilder depending on who you ask and it seems that reputation has peaked strong interest in the new film centered around his career and life story. The documentary has just broken into the top 10 documentary charts on iTunes.

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding Top 10 iTunes Charts DocumentaryChronicling his life story and career – Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding follows Lee as he visits his favorite spots in Australia and reflects on his life including the various fines, bans, and ultimately lifelong ban that completely changed his pro bodybuilding career. It also gives the deepest and most comprehensive look into the mind of a bodybuilder that was painted as an outcast for simply being himself – open and honest regardless of the cost.

Needless to say this top ten ranking is all thanks to you, the fans, who continue to support original bodybuilding entertainment in film in an industry that is consistently growing despite rarely receiving mainstream coverage.

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding is available now on all major digital platforms. Click here to watch now or the banner below.

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding Watch Now


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