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Frank Zane is taking Sadik under his wing.

The 1970’s were no doubt the definitive age of bodybuilding. It was a point in time that saw athletes with heavily muscled forms yet had the slim and tapered waists that have since gone out of fashion. It was a time in which bodybuilders focused more on having the perfect form rather than how massive they could get. It was an era that saw the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Serge Nubret, and Frank Zane come to power. There’s a reason it’s been coined the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

Alas, those days are now behind us and a different kind of body type has taken hold in pro bodybuilding. The mass monster. It’s a phrase that has been treated with more reverence than scorn. It’s the current epitome of what it means to be a champion level bodybuilder. In order to win the Mr. Olympia you have to not only be symmetrical, not only shredded, but massive as well. Men like Shawn Rhoden, men who were large, but not quite as large as their higher ranked counterparts, have been faced with the dilemma for years. If he hopes to compete with the Phil Heaths and Kai Greenes of the world then he has no choice but to put on size. The current state of the industry rewards size heavily and you need it if you’re going to get anywhere in this sport.

Generation Iron Sadik and Zane

But it’s not true for all aspects of the sport. The Men’s Physique category was designed for competitors with impressive muscle themselves, but not so much so that it would rival that of the open weight bodybuilders. It’s a category that would highlight aesthetics more than anything else. Sadik Hadzovic is one of the men who dominate the competition in this particular class and is always focused on obtaining the ultimate aesthetic physique much like a competitor who dominated bodybuilding in the late 70’s. The Chemist himself, Frank Zane.


Recently Zane has gone on record with Muscle & Fitness stating that Hadzovic “could have the best body of all time.” That’s high praise from a man who dedicated his life to health, fitness, and maintaining an aesthetic physique. Many have stated that Zane would have no doubt dominated the Men’s Physique category had it existed back in the Golden Era. Hadzovic has been training with The Chemist for the 2015 Olympia event and it Zane’s endorsement is any indication, Sadik is likely to be in the best shape of his life for the upcoming competition. Sadik took to Instagram to confirm not only Zane’s declaration, but that he’s been training under the three time Mr. Olympia as well.


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