Part 2: Liz Gaspari goes into detail about her tumultuous time working with Gear Sports Nutrition and Shredz.


Last week we released part one of King Kamali’s two part interview with Liz Gaspari. Known as the Supplement Queen, Liz has been involved in many major bodybuilding supplement companies. But she’s also been stuck right in the middle of a handful of scandals as well. In part two of our King’s World interview, Liz reveals all about her controversial time working at Gear Sports Nutrition and Shredz.

Like any business sector, the competition can be fierce between different companies. This can lead to a lot of hungry individuals doing everything they can to get ahead. The phrase “all’s fair in love and war” seems apt here. Perhaps modified for “all’s fair in bodybuilding and supplements.” Or at least, that seems to be how Liz Gaspari paints it. In her time detailing working for Gear Sports Nutrition and Shredz, she alleges controversial backstabbing that pushed her out of the hard work she put into both companies.

She explains that after her separation with Rich Gaspari, she was unable to compete in other supplement businesses. But in order for her to continue to make a living, she found a loophole allowing her to work at Gear Sports Nutrition. The trick? She worked with other individuals who put her partnership in their name. This key element was the beginning of a series of events that eventually led to Liz’s hard work paying off for everyone else but herself. Of course, with the story being a complicated maze of he said, she said – it seems this might just be one side of the story.

The bad luck doesn’t start there. It appears that during her time with Gear Sports Nutrition she also started working with Shredz. We all know what eventually happened to Shredz as a brand – but it seems Liz Gaspari ended up losing her stake in the company before the crap hit the fan for everyone else.

The entire tale is too complicated to explain here – but you can watch the full part two interview between Liz Gaspari and King Kamali in our new episode of King’s World above.

Do you believe her side of the story? Or do you think there’s more to tell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!