Logan Paul Will Face Off Against Sergey Mironov & Dumpling In The Ultimate Slap Fight

Logan Paul is about to get slapped in the face in an epic slap-fight at Fitness Weekend 2019.

You may remember our recent slap fight tournament video from the Siberian Power show that has now gained more than six million views worldwide. Well we are now happy to inform you that more slap fighting is coming your way! We are ready to make this a movement as another slap fight tournament will be held at Dmitry Yashankin’s Fitness Weekend in collaboration with Generation Iron. Prepare yourselves for our newest slap tournament titled – THE BATTLE ON THE VOLGA.

So how do we top the last slap tournament? YouTube superstar Logan Paul has officially signed onto the roster to compete in the slap fight. He will face off against the enormous Uncle Serozha and the giant Russian slap champion, Dumpling. Get ready as this will be one of the most spectacular and insane slap fights you have ever seen!

The slap fight tournament will be held at the Fitness Weekend 2019 expo on May 24-27. In order not to miss this fight, do not forget to subscribe to our GI Russian YouTube channel right here.

You can also follow GI Russian on Instagram right here. Stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network as more updates come through leading up to this absolutely insane and definitely entertaining slap fight competition. Stay pumped!


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