Mark-Henry-and-Frankie-Edgar headerMark Henry has a few choice words for Conor McGrgor.

Present day fighting is truly a bizarre thing. It used to be that when you wished to fight an opponent that you simply had to prove your worth in combat, challenge an opponent then put your money where your mouth is. But this is the age of the internet and just like everything else things are changing, even in the fight business. It seems that these days if you want to get a fight you’re better off going on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in order to get your voice heard. And really, who can blame anyone for taking that approach? In major organizations like the UFC or Bellator it’s all about star power, which translates over to how many tickets you can sell. Sometimes a great barometer for judging if a fight will sell well is if a particular fighter has grown their social media followers to a substantial number. As we move forward in the sport of mixed martial arts we’re beginning to see that your internet presence is just as important to building your brand and raking in the dough as your fighting abilities. With Conor McGregor set to face off against lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197, the featherweight division is likely to be put on hold while waiting to see how the Irish champ fares in his trip to 155 pounds. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, many people have made their voices heard on what they think of the UFC and their actions in backing the featherweight champion. One camp that has been pretty vocal about McGregor’s decision to move up in weight. Mark Henry, coach to Frankie Edgar, has a few choice words for McGregor and his trainer John Kavanagh on Instagram.

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