Name: Luke Sandoe

Nickname: The Juggernaut

Division: Men’s Open

Birth date: 8/3/1988

Height: 5’7″

Competition Weight: 245 lbs

California Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 2018 15th
Indy Pro 20183rd
Arnold Classic Australia 20186th
Arnold Classic 20178th
UKBFF Kent Classic Championships 20152nd
UKBFF British Championships 20156th
Welsh Grand Prix – Mens Over 100k1st
South Coast – Mens Over 100kg1st
British Finals 2013 – Mens Over 100kgN/A
British Finals 2012 Inters Over 90kg2nd
South Coast 2012 Juniors1st

Luke SandoeBiography

Childhood & Superheroes

Brought up in Bournemouth UK, Luke Sandoe had an eventful youth, depicting himself as a “stocky and fairly muscular” kid. He loved reading comic books, particularly those that included large heroes with protruding biceps and tore midriffs.

Because of his interest with muscle, Luke didn’t have an issue remaining fit and slender throughout his youth. He kept a steady timetable in sports, which kept him solid and healthy.

Musical inspirations

As he entered his teenage years, Luke’s decisions started to change. Rather than seeking after huge muscles, he began to build up an enthusiasm for music.

By the age of 20, he was playing drums full-time, getting by out of his passion for music. This period went on until Luke was 22, so all things considered, his enthusiasm in music gradually began “failing endlessly.”

Back to Muscle

As he started seeing a dead end with music, his interest in building muscle started to grow. During his last year of playing drums, Luke notice he’d picked up a lot of fat around his stomach. Like most men his age, he needed to improve his looks. His objective was to have “abs of steel.”

His mother accidentally bought him a flex magazine one day and he was shocked upon realizing that superheroes could exist in real life. That real human beings could actually look like comic book characters. Suddenly his dreams became achievable.

Before long, Luke started perusing each wellness and lifting weights magazine he could discover. He took what he realized in the weight room and started preparing under an organized program.

“I was hooked and became an avid fan of the sport of body building fast and devoured every magazine I could and started to learn more about nutrition and training.”

Entering Competitive Bodybuilding

When he was 23, Luke turned out to be profoundly involved with the  bodybuilding way of life. Around this time, he partook in his first show, which he eventually won. This triumph was especially amazing because of the way that Luke just had one year of training experience under his belt prior to him winning.

Throughout the long term, Luke amassed a series of triumphs, including the UKBFF British Finals where he won his IFBB Pro Card.

He contended in the super heavyweight classification with an aim to overcome the greatest stages on the planet. Obviously Luke’s yearn for enormity indicated no restrictions, and is something that moves a significant number of his fans to emulate his example.

On Thursday May 7, 2020 Luke Sandoe died at 30 years old. Initially the cause of death was not stated. Rumors that it was suicide spread throughout the bodybuilding community. Eventually, Sandoe’s family announced that he had passed due to heart failure, not suicide.

Luke SandoeTraining

Luke Sandoe stuck with high-volume when it came to his training. His exercise of choice were deadlifts. He felt like it gave him the best results. There is very little open information about his specific workout regimen or training routine. But certainly the results spoke for itself on stage.


Luke Sandoe followed a comparable diet regimen like most different muscle heads. Which means, he had a ‘off-season ‘ term where he built up, and ‘in-season’ where he cut down his muscle to fat ratio for a show.


  • Pre-workout
  • Thermogenic supplements
  • Muscle Recovery supplements
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