Mac Trucc reveals how he was able to maintain his street credibility while also being an exotic dancer.

Mac Trucc is most often brought up in the same breath as Rich Piana. This is because for a time they were joined at the hip and appearing everywhere together. It’s also because of the intense fallout they had before Rich Piana passed away. Last week we spoke to Mac about his relationship with Rich. But there is more to Mac Trucc than just Rich Piana. In our┬álatest GI Exclusive interview, we discuss in detail Mac Trucc’s past as an exotic dancer and how he was able to maintain his street cred in the process.

If there’s one thing Mac Trucc wants you to know about his past as an exotic dancer, it’s that LA dancers are much different than dancers or strippers in any other state of the United States. When a person thinks about male stripping, they might conjure up images of a Chippendale dancer. But for Mac Trucc, exotic dancing was a way for him to be surrounded by hundreds of women and make massive stacks of cash at the same time.

Due to his involvement in gangs, this was the perfect avenue for Mac to earn a living. But did it damage his street credibility? According to Mac, at first he took a hit. But once people starting seeing the amount of money he was earning, they came by the club to see exactly what he was up to.

Mac Trucc describes a club with only 15 male dancers and over 200 women all wanting to pay them to dance and “maybe take off your pants.” It’s at that moment that his street cred was no longer in question.

Check out Mac Trucc share in detail his experience as an exotic dancer and some of the craziest stories in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above!



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