Mac Trucc looks back on how he met Rich Piana and his first hand witnessing of Piana’s drug addiction.

On August 25, 2017, the famous bodybuilder and influencer Rich Piana passed away. It was a shock felt across the entire bodybuilding world. Since his passing, a deeper and different kind of look into the life of Rich emerged. One that showed him more as a man than the larger than life personality we all saw on YouTube or at expos. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mac Trucc details his long relationship with Rich Piana and reflects back at Piana’s troubling drug addiction that was largely hidden from the public.

Mac Trucc had a complicated history with Rich Piana. They were in many ways best friends and spent a lot of time together. But their friendship was also filled with tumult throughout the years. Eventually there was a falling out. Mac Trucc attacked Piana in a video that went viral.

Yet despite how it all ended, Mac Trucc was one of the few people who knew the “real” Rich Piana. He even at one point mentions that “there would be no Mac Trucc without Rich Piana.” Which is why we sat down with him to go into detail about how they met and perhaps get a deeper look into the man behind the influencer.

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In the interview above, Mac Trucc shares with us a darker side of Rich Piana’s drug addiction. There were always rumors that Piana took pain killers and opiates recreationally. But Mac Trucc pulls back the curtain on just how far the addiction went. He believes it played a large part in why Piana actually died. He even claims that he sadly knew his addiction would likely be the end of his life one day.

Watch Mac Trucc explain it all himself in our GI Exclusive interview above!

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