Mac Trucc discusses how he is still gang affiliated today and reflects back on his gang experiences starting at 12 years old.

Mac Trucc hasn’t been shy about his past affiliation with gangs. It’s a life he was essentially born into. Eventually using fitness and bodybuilding to turn it into a positive future for himself and his family. But “gang affiliated” is only a general term that can conjure a variety stereotypical images in the mind. To get more clarity, we took some time to speak with Trucc about his past and present involvement with gangs. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mac Trucc details the reality of his gang past and how he is still affiliated with it in his present lifestyle.

Mac Trucc’s story is ultimately one about the positive power of bodybuilding and fitness. While Trucc is not ashamed of his past involvement with gangs in his past – he is also proud of the man he was able to become through fitness. He also makes it clear that he would have never entered the realm of fitness if it wasn’t for the friends and family that supported him through his gang affiliations.

In our latest interview segment, Mac Trucc makes it very clear that he’s still affiliated with a gang and takes the time to detail the difference between his early years and today. He defines his current situation as not being “active” meaning that he’s “not on the corners anymore.” He goes on to reveal he was brought into the gang lifestyle at the age of 12 but was sheltered by his older cousins. He used this to his advantage to think bigger and outside of just his neighborhood – eventually entering the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Throughout the entire process and even to today – Mac Trucc never forgets or turns his back on where he came from. He describes winning his first trophy and sharing it with his family and friends in the gang. His successes were their successes.

But the details behind all of this are best left for Mac Trucc himself to explain. You can check out his full breakdown of his gang past and present in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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