Mac Trucc talks about the value of the Mr. Olympia title and competition in the modern era of bodybuilding.

Earlier this year, news broke that the Mr. Olympia competition and brand had been sold by AMI. It was purchased by Jake Wood, a bodybuilding promoter who has managed shows in the industry for years. It will certainly be a new era for the Mr. Olympia competition and name. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mac Trucc discusses how the value of Mr. Olympia died to him when Jay Cutler stepped down.

In today’s internet era, everyone’s opinions can be heard loud and clear. For bodybuilding this has shown constant debates over the quality of the modern era of bodybuilding. Are today’s athletes worse than the eras that came before? Furthermore, has the power of the Mr. Olympia title diminished in comparison to yesteryear? The recent sale of the Mr. Olympia brand by AMI seems to indicate it’s not bringing in the same kind of value it once was. But beyond the financials – is the power of being a Mr. Olympia champion diminished as well?

Mac Trucc believes so – and he can pinpoint to the exact moment when it all fell apart. According to Trucc, the Olympia completely lost its value when Jay Cutler retired and stepped off stage for the final time.

Trucc goes on to say that Victor Martinez and Dexter Jacksons were the last remaining bodybuilders with a physique transcendent enough to keep the Olympia exciting – but unfortunately Victor ran into some trouble that spun his career off track during his prime years. For Dexter – his smaller overall size never upgraded to the next step to make him a sure thing Olympia champion despite his amazing conditioning year after year.

Interestingly, Mac Trucc does not mention Phil Heath at all. Considering that Phil was a reigning champ for seven years straight, it’s a surprise that Trucc doesn’t even bring him up. Perhaps that’s how far the Olympia title has fallen in his eyes. After Jay Cutler left and Victor Martinez or Dexter Jackson couldn’t step up… there was just no incentive for Mac Trucc to keep caring.

That’s just speculation though. Ultimately, the core of Mac Trucc’s argument remains loud and clear. Jay Cutler was the last great Olympia champion in Trucc’s eyes. The current crop just doesn’t bring enough to the stage to make the Olympia feel memorable anymore. Do you agree?

Watch Mac Trucc’s full comments on the status of the Mr. Olympia in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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