Norwegian Man Hits PR Deadlift Of 330.7 Pounds On 80th Birthday


A Norwegian man identified as Magne set a new deadlift PR with a huge lift on his 80th birthday.

There are many examples shown each day that age is just a number. Now, another has come courtesy of a man identified as Magne, an 80-year-old man who recently hit a new PR in the gym. He completed a 150kg (330.7lb) deadlift on his 80th birthday.

The video was shared on Sats Norge’s official Instagram page. The Norwegian training group shared a video of Magne on his birthday and shared his inspiring story.

In the caption, it was explained that Magne has been working toward his goal of a 150kg deadlift. He has been working to build strength to take care of his wife, who is physically handicapped. Magne wants to build strength so his wife can continue to live with him.

“This is our raw member Magne who is 80 years old today! He has long worked towards the goal of lifting 150kg in deadlift on his 80th birthday, with love as a motivation.”


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A post shared by SATS NORGE (@satsnorge)

“His wife is physically handicapped, and Magne is there fore training to be strong enough to help her so that she can continue to live at home. Together with his PT Therese, he has made a plan to achieve the goal – and today, on his 80th birthday, he did it! We are so moved and inspired.”

Magne’s incredible deadlift adds to many other impressive lifts seen by older weightlifters. John LaFlamme comes to mind because of the strength he has been able to maintain. He has been seen squatting upwards of 430 pounds at 71 years old.

The story of Magne is inspirational because of the reason he is working out. He is working to take care of his wife and this is a great story involving the gym. It will be interesting to keep an eye on if Magne continues to improve his numbers and sets a new goal for his deadlifts.

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