Generation Iron Mark Bell Deadlifts

Build a bigger deadlift.

Building strength is the goal for any athlete who wants to either build muscle or lift as much weight as possible. The bodybuilder hypertrophy is king and is the ultimate goal if you’re looking to build more muscle. While having a shredded physique is great, it’s ultimately meaningless if you don’t make much strength gains. Having an aesthetic and shredded physique with lower strength is like having an unloaded shotgun; it certainly looks dangerous, but really poses no threat.

So if you’re looking to both be shredded while having some great strength then the three classic lifts should be in your routine. There’s nothing better than the bench, the squat, and the deadlift for making the best strength gains. If you’re looking to build massive muscle then you’re going to need as much strength as possible to continuously lift more and more weight. The more weight you lift, as well as the more calories you consume, the bigger you’ll get.

All this is common knowledge for the experienced lifter of course and because of that many of them think they know exactly how to perform these three exercises. Yet people constantly find themselves injured after a session. One of the three lifts seems to be a major problem for some lifters. The deadlift is an awesome exercise to build your pull strength and is also great for strengthening the lower back. The thing is many people end up performing this exercise wrong which ultimately leads to muscle tears, pulls, and could even do long term damage to your spinal cord. There’s nothing worse than trying to improve yourself only to be injured and have to take time off from training. To avoid that take a look at this helpful video from powerlifting expert Mark Bell as he shows you the proper way to perform the deadlift.

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