Mark Wahlberg Demonstrates Massage Tool After It Was Called A Sex Toy

Mark Wahlberg shows off massage tool to show co-star its true use.

Mark Wahlberg has kept himself in great shape over the years. He is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and many of his roles require a ripped physique. Wahlberg has made plenty of physique transformations over the years and knows a thing or two about keeping his muscles in shape.

One way is to keep muscles loose by stretching or using a massage gun. Recently, Wahlberg took time to demonstrate a tool called the Power Plate Pulse. This is a new massage gun that allows users to target any area they want to work. Because of the look of the gun, Wahlberg’s co-star Tom Holland referred to it as a sex toy.

“Mr. Tom Holland, you see this. Power Plate Pulse. This is a massage tool for muscle recovery. Nothing else. Muscle recovery. This is the Power Plate Pulse. This is the quietest, longest battery life, and it also happens to be antimicrobial.”

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are currently working together for a project called Uncharted. Wahlberg decided to use the video to demonstrate the product and advertise for the company.

Wahlberg is an ambassador and shareholder in the company. It is no surprise to see him using the product and showing its uses. Wahlberg was seen in his home gym without a shirt to target the muscles directly. It uses vibration to hit the targeted areas and is a product that has a six-hour battery life along with six different heads.

“Massage tool strictly for muscle recovery @tomholland2013@unchartedmovie @powerplateusa ????????????????”


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Mark Wahlberg has been able to keep his shredded physique at age 50. This is partially because of his motivation and partially because of his career. Wahlberg has had to put on and lose weight over the course of his career depending on certain roles. Any product that he puts his name on has to be well worth it and this massage gun seems to be one of those products.

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