Throwback: Before He Became a Mass Monster, Markus Ruhl Was an Aesthetic Beast!

Before he was a mass monster, Markus Ruhl had a more classical form.

During the 90s to the present Open Weight bodybuilding has been dominated by the mass monsters, men of such incredible size and muscle that it boggles the mind. With competitors like eight time Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman, six time champion Dorian Yates, Big Ramy, Roelly Winklaar, Nasser El Sonbaty and a whole list of others, bodybuilding has transformed into a realm of truly inhuman mass monsters.

Before there were bodybuilders the likes of Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar however there was Markus Ruhl, a German bodybuilder of considerable size. He dominated the stage with his massive physique and even gave Ronnie Coleman and the other greats of his era a run for their money.

But like any bodybuilding athlete, Markus Ruhl wasn’t always the mass monster the world came to know. In fact, back in his younger years, Markus Ruhl had a more classical and aesthetic physique that he displayed on stage. This throwback post showcases the German bodybuilder during his younger years when he had a more classical form.

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