Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Qualifier Results

The results are in for the Arnold Strongman USA 2020.

This weekend saw the second annual Arnold Pro Strongman USA Qualifier at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. This Strongman competition was a big one too – as it was the last event for athletes to qualify into the Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 coming up fast on March 6-7 in Columbus, Ohio.

So of course this even brought in many of the top Strongman competitors giving their best to try and not only prove their worth as the best of the best – but to earn that qualification for even bigger rewards in the near future. There were a total of five events – ultimately bringing Martin Licis, World Strongest Man 2019 winner, to the top spot with a final score of 52.

Well known superstar Strongman Brian Shaw placed second place, which means that the 4x World’s Strongest Man champion will not be able to compete at the Arnold Classic later in March.

Check out the Arnold Strongman USA 2020 results below:

Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Finals Results

Place Competitor Points
1. Martins Licis 52
2. Brian Shaw 51
3. Maxime Bouldrealt 50.5
4. Rauno Heinla 48.5
5. Jean-Francois Caron 45.5
6. Jerry Pritchett 41
7. Jitse Kramer 31.5
8. Rob Kearney 31
9. Wesley Claborn 30.5
10 Casey Garrison 22


You can also check out some quick competition highlights of Strongman Jerry Pritchett – who will be featured in our upcoming documentary Strength Wars: The Movie as well as previously appearing in our documentary short Jerry Pritchett: Be Legendary.

Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 Qualified Competitors List

1. Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland) – 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic USA Champion
2. Rob Kearney (USA) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Australia Champion
3. Bobby Thompson (USA) – 2019 Arnold Amateur World Champion
4. Olexii Novikov (Ukraine) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman South America Champion
5. Mateusz Kielszikowski (Poland) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Africa Runner-Up
6. Jean-Francois Caron (Canada) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Forts Warwick Champion
7. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Europe Fourth-Place Finisher
8. Martins Licis (USA) – 2020 Arnold Pro Strongman USA Champion

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