Martyn Ford discusses the legacy of Rich Piana and the future of 5% Nutrition.

IRON CINEMA – Every Friday we connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin as he sits down for an exclusive long form interview with the industry’s most vital members – including athletes, trainers, and experts.

Last we spoke with Martyn Ford – he laid out his future goals and dreams in the fitness and film industry. But a lot has changed in the past year. Ford has pushed forward in his acting career (including an appearance in the blockbuster film Kingsman: The Golden Circle) and more shockingly – he became a leader of 5% Nutrition after Rich Piana’s untimely passing.

As we come upon the year anniversary of Rich Piana’s death – Vlad Yudin sits down with Martyn Ford to talk about the legacy Rich left behind and how 5% Nutrition has changed, if at all, as it moved forward. Ford also gives us an update on the success of his acting career and how a bodybuilding physique can be both a blessing and and a curse when it comes to casting in Hollywood. Check out the full interview above!