73-Year-Old Mary Duffy Deadlifts 250 Pounds With 50-Pound Chains, Nearly 2.5 Times Her Bodyweight


Mary Duffy completed a massive trap bar deadlift during a training session.

Mary Duffy has proven that age is just a number on numerous occasions. The 73-year-old powerlifter continues to impress in the gym as she prepares for her next competition. Recently, this came in the form of a 113.4kg (250lb) deadlift with 22.7kg (50lb) chains attached.

Duffy shared the video of her lift on social media on Wednesday. She is wearing a lifting belt and wrist wraps as she completes the feat of strength. This is nearly two and a half times her bodyweight as Duffy has been competing in the 56kg class since 2015.

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Mary Duffy Powerlifting History

Mary Duffy began powerlifting in 2015 at 66 years old. She has spent her entire career in one division and has found great success. Her first competition appearance came during the 2015 International Powerlifting Association Connecticut Ironman Push/Pull Showdown. This was the first of 11 competitions that Duffy has appeared in and she has won all 11.

It is no surprise that Duffy has approached many records in the Masters 70-74 raw division. She currently holds the third-heaviest total ever at 234kg (518.1lb). This came during the 2022 USAPL Connecticut Ladies of Iron, where she was able to set the world record bench press of 57.5kg (126.8lb).

Duffy has shared many lifts to social media and this was not the first time her trap bar deadlift was in this weight range. She has been seen lifting 111.1kg (245lb) off weight plates. All of her lifts are considered raw. Duffy had a run in with COVID-19 but was able to overcome it and get back in the gym. Before her battle with the virus, she notched a 113.4kg (250lb) deadlift.

Mary Duffy continues to take her numbers higher and she will be ready for the next time she steps on stage. Duffy is one of the top lifters in the division and will look to continue to keep her record perfect next time she steps on stage.

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